Saturday, March 03, 2007

New site

Well I have a new site (well not so new really) which is
why I haven't posted anything on here for a looooong time.

The site is


Maybe I'll come back to blog or perhaps delete my blogs.
Though I'm not sure I have the heart to because I put
effort and time into them.

Take care,

The elf X

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The latest & a couple of notices...

Right, well I didn't go to Tyburn in the end.
Reason being that my family arranged to go and
see my brother at uni. I decided to join them
instead because I hadn't seen him since we
dropped him off weeks before. Glad I went!!!
I was busy the weekend after.

Glastonbury with Y2K was great this weekend!
Also been chatting to the SOLT Sisters more and
may go and visit them. Will see what this
coming month's like. I'd really have to stay
a week because it's in Wales.

Hmmm... I'll be helping out the CFR in London
on sat 9th Dec. They're doing a photo shoot of
a live nativity and people will be handing out
info on the nativity as well as explaining it
to people. I think I'm gonna be one of those :-).
Photos will be taken of it all and displayed in
Dresden in Germany for a culture or Arts festival.

So anyone interested in getting involved, contact
the Franciscan Friars of the Renewel!!!!

Other than that, Fr Benedict Groeschel is doing talks
in November:

9th Nov: 7-9:30pm Holy Ghost Church, Balham
On the Spirituality of Pope Benedict XV1

10 Nov: 7-9pm Venue to be announced, Cambridge.
Call for details.

It's advised that you get there half an hour early
coz it will be packed!!! Don't book, just turn up!

So there we have it. A few notices if anyone's

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Update. Vocation

Well the meeting with my spiritual director was
ace! Was really useful. Br. John Paul also
gave me some brochures and a couple of phone numbers
for some convents that he recommended to start with.

Though I won't be able to think about joining a
community for a few years, he agreed that
looking around would be a cool thing to do. I
thought that seeing as I have a few months before
continuing study, I can check some out.

So today, I phoned up the Tyburn Convent, a Benedictine one in London.
I'll be visiting on a weekend (13th-15th of Oct).
The Sister that answered the phone was lovely.
By accident, I had her laughing almost in stitches
(I said I was looking at communities to see what I
liked and didn't like. Well, she said, it's more
a matter of where God's calling you lol. I said
well I'm checking out my desires. She laughed even
more. She said no, it's what God's saying :-). He
he anyway I agreed. I'm glad I brightened up
someone's day). The Mother was also nice. They
seemed quite laid back actually.

Whilst I'm excited about this I'm
also a bit nervous. I've never done
anything like this before.

Hmmm I'm looking forward to the next Vocations
meeting. Got the e-mail update.

Erm, also looking forward to the youth2000
retreat at the end of oct.

Oh yeah, on my way out of the Friary (after
meeting with Br.JP) I had a voice message from
Demon recruitment. They had seen my CV on and said they have a vaccancy
that I might be interested in which is cool.
Tried to ring back but the woman that called
wasn't at her desk. Will call on Mon.

Funny, 'Demon recruitment' :-p.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Well the reason why I don't write here
often is that I know I usually write a
lot :-p

My life is good, the wider family could be
better. Some are facing challenges. One
of my brothers is doing well at uni for
the 2 days he's been there. He seems
organised and appears to have everything
under control. He's had a good start and
already seems to get on well with one of
his housemates known to us as 'the Belgian

I'm currently listening to Bjork and for
the record my fave colour is yellow, not
National Trust creme that I put on a quiz
by mistake lol.

Spiritual life is good and the studying's
not too bad. Also visiting my grandparents
this week. Went to see one gran this morning
with my mum. Was okay. Mum asked me something
about catholicism. Answered and I think we
both learn't something.

This second feeling a tad tired so parts
of this post are a bit cryptic. Oh yeah I
forgot about 'power naps'. I know you're
reading this bro Robbi.

Hmmm... I think I might do that now, though
it is a bit late.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Going away

Well the people most likely to read this will
already know... I'm off to Italy on Friday.
It's going to be a mad rush tomorrow
to sort out last minute things and packing.
I'll be glad when I'm on the plane.

So far I have done no study this week. I don't
really feel bad about it per say. I just know
I'll have a fair bit to do when I get back.
Actually it would have been better if I did
some. I am determined not to think about it
on holiday though. I'll pray about it I think.

Anyhoo it is late. It's 10:37pm.

No profound messages on here today :-) but
may God Bless whoever is reading this.

God has being doing stuff in my life as
always and praise God for the holiday.
Dominus tecum XXX

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'll try to be extra quick.

- I went down to church yesterday to meditate in front of the Blessed Sacrement. I was praying about vocational stuff. It was really good! Got answers to questions and clarity on things I was unsure about.
-I've been feeling like God's been preparing me for the future lately. I've had some scriptures that will be useful later and I feel that he may have given me a couple of insigts into the future. I think I'll just pray about those and leave the seeds in my mind for now. They are cool though.
-Sr. Tiffany e-mailed me back yesterday and said that when she met me she had a feeling I was called to be a sister.

So it's been really good.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

And the latest?

Hmmm vocation vocation vocation...
It's been a while since I last posted here
or on my other blog. For a while I've been
thinking that God may be calling me to a
religious vocation. Will see how it goes.
My weekend away went well.
I'll be going up to London for vocation meetings
with lots of others.Great stuff. Over the weekend
I've been talking to nuns and hanging out with monks lol.
Just a note to note how far I've come since my last post.

God's been revealing a lot deep down. After some days
with doubts and theological debates with my family,
including questioning from them, God's been revealing
the truth to my spirit. I feel that I am definately
following Christ in my journey.

Been getting closer to St. Therese too. I avoided her
for a while but we're all cool again. A while back,
God showed me that he has placed Therese there to
be my support in finding my vocation and in my catholic
journey. I think I'll even stop calling it my catholic
journey now and just call it my journey. For a while,
for a few reasons, I sort of stopped talking to her.
But then the other night (and this has happened before),
I just burst open, talking to her and aknowledging her
as my sister. Also believing that God has really asked
her to be my support. I also burst open to Christ that
day too, and all sorts of beliefs buried down just came up.
Ha I hope I explained that well! I had a good chat with
her this morn, along with God of course. I felt love
during that chat with her.

My relationship with Our Lady, my mother has been
getting better too. Talked to her today too.

Well I've sent off for a St Therese Chaplet and Novena
card. So, that card will join my card with Mary on the
front and one with Christ. It's nice to see them in the
morning on my bookcase :-)

Looking at all of this on the page, it does all seem
a bit mad. Truth is, I can't explain to anyone why it's not.
You will only know what I mean if God has revealed certain
things to you. As Claudia in 'The Passion' film said to Pilate...
No on can tell you what the truth is if you cannot see it.